Terms and Conditions


Enrolment, Payment, Cancellations and Refunds

1.  All new students are required to take a level test prior to the booking of the course. Students cannot choose the level at which they want to study as this will be determined by the manager of the School.
2. No refund can be made to students once the course has started and no transfer of courses in whole or in part can be made. Fees are non-refundable in the case of abandonment of a course. Our school does not permit the transfer of courses from one student to another. In case of Embassy Sponsored students, the school reserves the right to retain 2 weeks of the course and accommodation fees from the asking date as a cancellation fee.
3. Britannia English Academy is unable to accept cheques as a method of payment.
4. A student’s registration and enrolment for courses will serve as a binding agreement to follow the course to completion and to pay the full fees. The application form must be signed to indicate the student’s agreement to abide by the terms and conditions of enrolment at Britannia English Academy.
5. Payment of all course fees must be received before the start date of the course.
6. A registration fee of £30 is required before starting the course.
7. In the event of a student being unable to attend due to an appointment with a doctor or official organisation, lessons can be recovered at another time if proof is shown.
8. Payments can be made by cash, UK debit card, Non-UK debit card (3% surcharge), credit card (2% surcharge), bank transfer or by phone (1% surcharge).
9. No refund can be made to students once the course has started and no transfer of courses in whole or in part can be made. Fees are non-refundable in the case of late registration or the abandonment of a course. The transfer of credit from one student to another is not allowed.
10. Refunds for Courses: If the course has started: We will not refund any money under any circumstances except for:
(i) When the student’s personal circumstances mean that a refund of course fees is appropriate, for example, if someone in a student’s family dies and they want to return home early for the funeral. However, refunds of this kind are at the complete discretion of the management of the Britannia English Academy and may be refused for any reason. In addition, we may ask to see certain documents to prove the truth of any claims (A death certificate, for example).
(ii) If the course originally paid for is cancelled and an alternative course at a different time cannot be offered
Refunds (if the course has not started)
0-7 days in advance before the starting date of the course: 0%
8-14 days in advance before the starting date of the course: 50%
15 days (or more) in advance before the starting date of the course: 80%
11. Refunds may take up to 30 days to process once notice of cancellation has been given. Please note that refunds may take longer depending on the reason given and documents available to assess the request. Refunds made by bank transfer to a non-UK bank account will have a fixed charge of £20.
12. Refund for Accommodation: Cancellation of bookings already made: More than 30 days before departure, 90% of total money paid is refundable. Between 30 and 15 days, 50% of the total cost of the booking is refundable. Between 15 and 8 days, 25% of the total cost of the booking is refundable. There will be no refund on cancellations made less than 8 days before the commencement date of the intended stay.
13. If a student is dismissed for poor attendance or misconduct, no refund will be given from the school and he/she will lose their place in their class.
14. Notwithstanding the generality of the above, the school reserves the right to refuse a refund for any reasonable reason.
15. The school will be closed for the Christmas period. Notice will be given to students of the exact dates in December.
16. Please note that the school is allowed to increase the number of students per class during peak times.

General Terms and Conditions

Opening days: The school is open from Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 8.30pm and the reception from Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 8.30pm.

1 The maximum number of students in a class is eight.
2 All students are required to present their passports on their first day and the school will retain a copy.
3 A student agrees on signing the registration form that Britannia English Academy keeps their personal records on its computerised systems. Should any circumstances change it is the student’s responsibility to keep Britannia English Academy informed of all changes, in particular, of any changes of home address in the UK, as well as in their home country, changes to emergency telephone numbers and contact names and change of email address.
4 Students may be unable to enroll on their first day if they do not have their passport as proof of their identity.
5 Course fees do not include course books, materials, travel expenses, social events where fees are charged or personal and health insurance.
6 The cost of the books needed for courses is £25 per book.
7 Details of the class times can be found in the reception or on the website. Classes start at 08.30am and finish at 20.20pm Monday to Friday. On Saturday, classes start at 9am and finish at 12.50pm.
8 Every lesson lasts 50 min.
9 Students must inform the school if they are not going to attend and after two unexplained absences, the school will contact them. If this is ignored, they will lose their place on the course to other waiting students.
10 Students taking an examination course will also be required to take a written test and/or have a School Manager’s approval and will not be permitted onto the course if they are not at the required level.
11 Complaints about the School’s courses or services should be made immediately as complaints made after the course has finished will not be accepted.
12 Britannia English Academy reserves the right to merge any class where there is insufficient demand or any other justifiable reason to do so.
13 Students are encouraged to arrive for lessons on time. Late entry to the class is at the discretion of the teacher who may refuse entry to any student who is more than ten minutes late or is habitually late.
14 Minimum age of enrolment is 12.
15 All students must book holidays at least one week in advance. The maximum authorised holiday permitted is dependent on the length of the course you are studying and will be determined by Britannia English Academy. Students are not obliged to take holidays, but holidays taken will affect their end date of the course.
16 Students at the School all interact and study together and are always required to treat all other students and staff with respect. Any student whose behaviour causes inconvenience, offence or distress to other students or staff will be excluded from lessons. Persistent offenders or those involved in isolated serious offences will be expelled from Britannia English Academy and their course cancelled with immediate effect. No refund of course fees will be made, and the school’s decision is final.
17 Britannia English Academy will try to contact any student who remains absent from their class for five days or more. This is so that the School can find out what may be wrong with the student, to offer any welfare assistance and to remind them of the need to comply with the terms and conditions of enrolment at Britannia.
18 All students are required to have at least an 80% attendance rate in every week. All students must attend their class regularly or will be automatically removed from the register. The student will have to register again at the Reception and may not be able to go back to the same class if it is full. No extension or refunds will be made. The school decision is final. In all cases, and specifically where a student’s attendance drops below 80%, the school reserves the right to move a student to another class at a more suitable time to help the management of the general school timetable. This can involve moving a student from a morning class to an afternoon or evening class if the student repeatedly fails to attend their original class times resulting in their attendance dropping below 80%. The school’s decision is final.
19 Letters and certificates will not be issued to students who have not paid, attended or reached the levels necessary for the documents they want. In general, a student must attend at least 80% of their course to get a leaving certificate or an academic report. Students requiring signed documents must request them at least five working days before or pay a small fee for letters required more urgently.
20 It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that examination fees are paid on time. These external fees must be paid where the examination takes place. Britannia will inform students where and when to pay, as well as exam dates.
21 Students are advised that the School, its employees and its representatives accept no liability for personal injury and / or loss of / damage to personal property on the Schools premises, whether by fire, burglary, theft or otherwise. This condition also applies to public and private places when students are on School trips or excursions.
22 Students are responsible for behaving in a safe and appropriate manner on all Britannia social activities. Britannia English Academy will not be responsible for any accidents, loss of possessions or injuries suffered during these activities.
23 Induction: As a new student for an intensive course, and/or if you just arrived in Manchester, you will be requested to attend a short induction.
24 This induction will present you the rules of the school, the activities, our staff, and give you some helpful tips to make the most of your stay at Britannia. You can book your induction date directly at the reception or via email at: info@britannia-school.com.
25 Attendance & Lateness: Upon booking of your classes, you will be given a start date and an end date. If you cannot attend one class, that class will be lost unless you can present a justification.
26 We accept the following justifications:
27 – Note from a doctor, with date and name
28 – Email from employer for job interview or shift change
29 – Appointment related to a Visa issue or another official appointment-If you are more than 10 minutes late, the teacher might ask you to wait until the break, and to join the second half of the class.-If you have any holidays planned, let us know upon booking of your course.-You can only book weekly holidays, not individual days. If you cannot attend for one day only, please refer to the section ATTENDANCE AND LATENESS, paragraph 2.-If you wish to book a holiday after your booking, please come to reception, minimum 1 week before the start of your holidays.-If you decide to take holidays, the classes will be added at the end of your course, your course will therefore finish later.-If you need to leave the UK at a certain date, keep that date in mind when booking holidays. If you cannot attend your course after that date, the classes will be lost.
30 Change of Timetable: Once your course is booked, and your timetable agreed on, it cannot be changed.
31 If you have a new job or a new timetable at work, we will ask you to fill a TIMETABLE CHANGE REQUEST in reception. If you request a change for any other reason, you can fill a COMPLAINT NOTE directly at reception. All complaint notes will be reviewed by management and we will give you an answer within 3 working days.
32 Change of Level: If you feel like you have improved and would like to change your level, you can place your request to the reception. You request will be reviewed by your teachers and you will be informed of their decision within 1 week. If you disagree with the teacher’s reply, you can request to pass a short test. Your results to the test will determine which class you can or cannot join.
33 Certificate: At the end of your course, you can receive a certificate. To receive it, simply write your name on the CERTIFICATE LIST at the reception, at least one week before the end of your course.

The School is not responsible for the safe keeping or delivery of any fax, post, etc. sent to the students at the Schools addresses

The School is not responsible for the safekeeping of exam results or certificates.

Students may from time to time be photographed and recorded moving images, the photographs and videos of which may be used in the School’s promotional / publicity material. The School reserves the right to all photographs which may be used in any way the School sees appropriate in promoting itself. The copyright to all photographs shall belong to the School.

It is the policy of the School not to divulge any personal details of students to a third party, other than to the appropriate authorities, without the student’s prior consent.

In all cases the decision of the Managing Director of Britannia English Academy will be final and binding.

Class rules

These Terms are governed by the law of England and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England.

  • Smoking (including electronic cigarettes) is not permitted anywhere at Britannia.
  • Mobile phones must be switched off during lessons.
  • Consuming food and hot drinks in classrooms is not allowed.
  • Students must arrive on time for lessons, if more than 10 minutes late you must wait until the start of the second half of the lesson to enter.
  • English is the only language to be used in the school

Abusive Behaviour:

Abusive behaviour directed towards students or staff is not tolerated at Britannia English Academy.

Abusive behaviour covers:

  • The use of foul language towards any other individual
  • The use of racist language
  • The use of homophobic language
  • Physical aggression or the striking of any other individual
  • Intimidation
  • Inappropriate, invasive or unwanted physical attention
  • Stalking
  • The deliberate abuse of health and safety procedures

Any abusive behaviour observed by staff or reported by students to staff must be referred to the Academic Manager in writing. At the discretion of the Academic Manager, any student carrying out any of the above behaviours may have their studies terminated with no refund given. No student who abuses any member of staff or another student in the ways described above will remain in our school.


  1. Accommodation services will only be provided for students who have enrolled on a course at the School.

  2. If a student is removed from his/her homestay accommodation as a result of bad behaviour no refund will be given.

  3. You may not bring visitors back to your home without the consent of the host.

  4. Students are expected to respect and abide by the host family’s reasonable schedule and house rules. Failure to do so may result in the student being removed from the accommodation.

  5. A accommodation booking fee of £30 is required before starting the course.
  6. The cost of the telephone is not included in your accommodation fee.

  7. Those who do not request airport pickup will need to inform the School of their arrival time at the home-stay.

  8. You may not smoke in the house without the consent of your host.

  9. Students are expected to respect and abide by the host family’s reasonable schedule and house rules. Failure to do so may result in the student being removed from the accommodation. If a student is removed from home-stay accommodation no refund will be given.

  10. Home-stay accommodation is not the same as hotel accommodation and therefore does not offer the same services.

  11. Students must always ask the host family’s permission before giving the homestay address to receive post, in particular for bank letters.

  12. It is sometimes possible to extend your home-stay or find alternative accommodation if requests are put in early but this cannot be guaranteed.

  13. Britannia English Academy accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to any items left in the accommodation.

  14. School will be not liable for any damage students cause to the host family’s property.

Airport Transfer Conditions

You must provide accurate arrival information, including the following:

  • Arrival Time
  • Date
  • Airport you are arriving at
  • Airport you are coming from
  • Airline
  • Terminal Number
  • Flight Number

It is the sudent’s responsibility to inform the school of accurate arrival details. If incorrect details are supplied, Britannia English Academy, will not refund chargers should the student not be met.

Upon joining the school and completing their registration, students will be in acceptance of all the terms and conditions listed above. Britannia English Academy usually only arranges transport from Manchester airport, exceptionally we may be able to arrange transport from other airports (Liverpool or Leeds)