General English

We offer General English classes to levels A1-C1

In your GENERAL ENGLISH classes, you will: 


Practise and improve your grammar skills

Practise your reading and listening skills

Have plenty of chances to speak and share opinions with your classmates

Improve your confidence and accuracy when speaking

Have lots of chances to practise and developing your writing skills

britannia english academy class

Each General English class will have a maximum of 8 students in order to help you maximise your learning and to allow you to have more attention and correction from your teacher.

Your lessons will contain a variety of tasks which will practice all the key language skills of speaking, listening, reading and vocabulary. Each lesson is developed around an interesting topic, such as hobbies, films, family, history and environment and you will learn and practice vocabulary and phrases suitable to express your views in a range of topics and situations.

You will be encouraged to speak both individually and to your partners in pairs or small groups. Students are encouraged to speak only English in our classrooms in order to give you the maximum level of practice possible.

You will be given correction and feedback from your teachers during lessons, as well as focused, written advice of how to improve after each assessment.

We offer General English classes at all levels, from Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate and Advanced.