Cambridge Proficiency Certificate (CPE)

Proficiency is a C2 level Cambridge exam for those users of English who have

reached a near-native level of communicating in and understanding the language

Group Size

Average 7 (Maximum 10)


 From 16 years old

Course Length

Minimum 1 week – No Maximum


Advanced (C1)
This course can be combined with some other

Start date

Any Time – Continuous Enrolment. Class times depend on level


1 lesson is 50 minutes

Passing this exam would be evidence that your English level is such that you can study or work in a senior professional or academic environment in an English-speaking country

In this course you will learn the high-level vocabulary and language structures needed to address this exam as well as have the chance to develop your English language to a proficiency level. Moreover, there will be opportunity for you to practise and develop your exam skills.

Whichever exam you are preparing for, classes will help you develop your skills in all areas tested in the exam, including:



Use of English



  • This course is accredited by the British Council
  • 1 course book needed: £30
  • Time slots from 8.30am to 8.30pm
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Course Outline / Description 

Cambridge CPE  – Course Outline CPE (PDF)