Conversation Lessons

In our Conversation lessons, we focus on developing your skills and vocabulary through speaking and listening.


In our Conversation Classes, you will:


Take part in question and answer sessions with your teacher on a variety of topics

Get lots of practice in forming and asking your own questions to your classmates

Have lots of chances to discuss issues with your classmates

Have lots of chances to learn new vocabulary as you speak

conversation lessons manchester

Conversation Classes are designed to give you maximum speaking time, either answering questions from your teacher or classmates or in pair or group discussions.

A variety of interesting topics are covered each lesson. For each topic, you will get many chances to practise answering and asking questions, express your opinions in detail and learn new vocabulary and expressions to use in everyday speech.

You will be pushed to converse in an English-only environment each lesson, giving you the confidence to express yourself and make more friends at work or in your free time.

Your teacher will correct your mistakes and offer pronunciation advice every lesson as well as offer more detailed written feedback to help you improve after each assessment.

Whether you are working at Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate or Advanced level, we have courses available for you.