UK Student Visa

YES-UEIf you are from a European Union or EEA country YOU DON’T NEED a Visa to come to the UK for courses of up to 24 weeks. Should you stay longer from 24 to 44 weeks, YOU WILL NEED to apply for the Short-Term Study Visa.

  NO-UEIf you are NOT from an EEA (Economical European Area) country then YOU WILL NEED a visa. We can help you to obtain a visa since the British Council ACCREDITS our school. Click HERE to check if you need a Visa

Types of visa

There are currently 3 main types of UK student visa which BRITANNIA CAN HELP YOU TO OBTAIN. Britannia will issue an Acceptance Letter for those students who need to get UK Student Visa after completing the payment of your tuition fees.


-Short-Term Study Visa (11 months) – Click HERE for further information.

-Standard Visitor Visa (up to 6 months) – Click HERE for further information.

-Electronic Visa Waiver – You can get an electronic visa waiver (EVW) instead of a visa if you are a national of Kuwait, Oman, Qatar or the United Arab Emirates. You must pay £30 for an EVW. Click HERE for further information.

Getting Student Visitor Visa

This is the normal process, although it might be different for you depending on which country you are from. If you want help just contact us by email.

ENROL and PAY for your course. We recommend a course of more than 16.5 hours per week (20 or more lessons per week) to support your Visa application. Please note that less than 20 lessons per week might result in refusal.

Accommodation: We also recommend you to pay a homestay accommodation unless you already have somewhere to stay in the UK.

Level test: We will contact you to ask you to do our online English test. Click HERE to take our level test.

Documents to be submitted: We send you any letters and documents you need such as Visa Acceptance Letter, Invoices, Course Confirmation Letter and Accommodation Booking Confirmation where appropriate.
Submit your documents to the UK Embassy or Consulate with other evidence you might be requested. Hopefully, you will get your Visa granted within the next 4 to 8 weeks depending on how busy they are.

Visa Grant: Once, your visa is granted, and the start date finally set, the Reception will provide you with your timetable.

Visa Rejection: If your visa application is rejected you can try again or ask us for a refund.

Other evidence

For official guidance please read this government publication. You can also visit the UK Visas web page. The information below is only a guide. Generally to obtain a student visa for the UK you generally need to show 4 things:

-You have enough money to pay for you food, accommodation etc. (Around GBP 1000 a month if you don’t have an accommodation yet; GBP 500 a month if you already have an accommodation reserved before departure).

-You want to return to your country after you have finished. Some examples are: I have a job in my country; I have a house in my country; I have to finish University in my country; I already have my flight tickets booked.

-You have a good reason to study English. Some examples are; if I learn English I can get a better job in my country; I want to learn English so I can study in an English University, I need English for a Master’s Degree.

-You are enrolled on a course at Britannia English Academy. (We highly recommend booking either Intensive (20 to 26 lessons per week) or Super Intensive courses (28 to 34 lessons per week) to increase the chances to obtain the VISA). You must come to school for at least 80% of the course or the school must inform the Government that you are absent.

Can I work with a student visa? How much?

No, you cannot work with any kind of UK student visa from Britannia English Academy Manchester.

How long does it take to obtain a student visa?

How long it takes you to obtain a Student Visa depends on your situation. There is no way to predict how long it will take, but it is generally between 4 and 14 weeks.

Can I get a refund if my visa application if rejected?

Yes, we will refund all fees minus a fee of £200 and £30 registration fee + (£30 Accommodation Booking Fee when applicable), although there are exceptions to the rule (i.e. we will make no refunds if we regard the student to be held liable for the refusal of the visa application (for more details, see our REFUND PAGE). So, if you pay £2000 for tuition, £30 registration fee and £200 application fee then we will refund £2000 (only tuition cost). You can find out more details and how to claim a refund on our REFUND PAGE.

Bogus students


Please note that if you attempt to use deception in applying for a visa through Britannia English Academy or are judged to have done so by an immigration officer or consulate employee we will not give you a refund of any kind. This is to discourage bogus students from trying to use our school as a way to enter the UK fraudulently. Please do not apply to Britannia English Academy if you are not a real student, we are not interested in you!

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