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After qualifying as a language teacher in 2003 I spent the next years working in Hungary, Poland, Italy and Japan. I then lived and taught in Exeter and London where I did my language teaching diploma, which I finished in 2014. Seeing students develop and improve is incredibly satisfying and is one of the perks of the job.  Manchester is an exciting city in which to work.  I love meeting and working with people from all around the world and being in such a cosmopolitan city enables me to do this.   

Welcome to Britannia wherever in the world you come from!







Hi, I’m Andy. I was born in Manchester and have returned to my hometown after five years living in Castelldefels, in Catalonia. As of October 2017 I have taught English for six years. What I love most about teaching English is the opportunity it provides to meet people from a wide variety of cultures. I feel that learning about different values and traditions helps us to grow as individuals; being able to communicate effectively, therefore, can open up a new world for us to explore.


Hello, I’m David. I’m from the Manchester area and though I’ve spent a number of years teaching English abroad I am now back in my home city, working here at Britannia English Academy. I feel blessed here in working with supportive colleagues, and  learners who are motivated, pleasant and engaging, and who come from such a wide variety of places and backgrounds. I usually leave work each day with a smile on my face because interaction with these learners is so rewarding.






Hi there, my name is Steph! After travelling in Australia for a couple of years I moved back to Manchester, and started working at Britannia. Manchester is my nearest home city so it’s fantastic to be here in such an interesting and multicultural environment.  Teaching is so exciting to me as I love learning about different countries and cultures, and I feel I’m learning as much from the students as they are from me! I hope to see you in my class!


Hi, I’m Raabia. I’m originally from Manchester, and the reason I’m still here is because I love it. It’s a very multicultural city, with lots of things to do and see. My passion is to help others and to see them succeed, that is why I love teaching English. The students who come here really make the learning environment a pleasure to work in. I also enjoy travelling and learning about other cultures!






Hello, I’m Dexter. I’m an English Literature graduate who still loves to read and enjoy a walk in the countryside too! I’ve previously taught in Vietnam, Spain and Hull. The close relationships between teachers and students is what makes working here great! 


Hi, my name is Scott Mac Donald. I am a dual national (British /American) with three Master Degrees in English and Spanish. I have been teaching languages for over 30 years on three continents and love working with students from all over the world. I enjoy writing, reading and playing the guitar. I think Britannia is a great place to learn English, and hope to work here for many years to come.  





Paul W
Hi, my name is Paul! I have been an EFL teacher for the last five years.  In that time, I have taught in a wide variety of countries, including France, India and China!
I enjoy interacting with students and enjoy learning about different countries and cultures. In my spare time, I enjoy running, cinema and going to the theatre.  I can highly recommend the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester and the Lowry Theatre in Salford Quays!

Hey there! I’m Nathan and after couple years of teaching in Madrid I have returned home to the North West of England. I am originally from Cardiff, a city famous for The Millennium Stadium and Cardiff Castle. I enjoy meeting and teaching people from all over the world and learning all about their cultures. In my free time I like cooking, watching football and taking long walks, especially through the countryside!






My name is Adrian and I come from Oldham, an old textile village near Manchester. I read English Literature at university and got my degree in 1998. I got my first teaching job in Istanbul and have loved language teaching ever since. After Turkey I worked in Poland, Portugal and Italy. I returned to Manchester in 2005. Britannia is such a caring, learning environment. The different ages and cultures of the students only make their time in Manchester more of a diverse learning experience. That is the special Britannia language learning journey.


Hey there! My name is Warren. I was born in Manchester, but I have taught abroad for many years in Sudan and China. Manchester has an exciting international environment. Here you can have the opportunity to meet new people from all around the world and being immersed in the British culture at the same time. I like working at Britannia English Academy because all the people are so nice! 






My name is Martin! I have been teaching EFL for over 28 years. I spent over 16 years in Asia, teaching in Hong Kong, The Philippines and South Korea, before returning to The UK in 2007. In England, I have specialised in teaching Cambridge Examination English from Elementary level (KET-A2) to (CAE – C1) and IELTS. I have taught many different nationalities in Europe, Asia and The Middle East. Currently I teach from beginners to IELTS and advanced English students. 

Paul H

Hi there! My name’s Paul!  I’ve completed a BA (Hons) degree in English Language and Literature, and a PGCE ESOL and Literature. I have taught at both Manchester and Bolton universities on pre-sessional programs. It’s amazing having so many different nationalities and cultures in the BEA classroom, enabling lively debates and conversation. Manchester has to be the coolest city in the UK, playing host to heritage, innovation, along with a wonderful music scene and accompanying nightlife. 






Hi everyone, I’m Kieran! After completing my History degree in Manchester, I decided I wanted to explore the world and teach English. I got my CELTA in 2011 and have spent the last 8 years working in Ukraine, Poland, and Russia. It’s great to be back in Manchester, such a diverse city with a rich and unique culture. From the Industrial Revolution to the modern day, Manchester has been at the cutting edge of art, nightlife, and innovation. The best things about BEA is that there are students from all over the world, enabling a great exchange of culture, language, and traditions.


Hi everyone! I’ve been teaching EFL for 15 years both in The UK and in Italy. I love my job as I get to work with interesting people from all over the world. The academy is a fantastic place to work and study. It offers a friendly, professional environment to teach in. I have been teaching in Manchester for the last eight years. I am from the Manchester area, Bury a small market town near here. I recommend you visit it as it has a world famous market and very friendly people!






Hi! My name is Cara and I’ve been a TEFL teacher for over 10 years. I like working at Britannia English Academy because it’s a fun, friendly place with creative teachers and excellent classes! Manchester is a brilliant city and I’d recommend to try it out!


Hi! My name is Luke. I’m originally from the Peak District and have been a teacher for six years. In that time I’ve worked in Austria, China, the Czech Republic and Spain. I’ve prepared students for the Cambridge, Trinity and IELTS exams, as well as having taught plenty of general English and business English courses. It’s great to work in such a dynamic environment, here at Britannia in Manchester, and a pleasure to work with so many great students.






Hi! My name is Huw. I have been teaching English for over eight years. I taught in Madrid, Spain. I love to teach vocabulary and grammar. I can speak Spanish and Welsh. I enjoy working at Britannia because the staff are friendly and it’s a fun place to work and study.


Hi! My name is Dan. I’m originally from Cardiff, Wales, but I haven’t lived there for quite some time. I have been teaching English since 2002 and I have lived and taught in many different places, including Japan, Ecuador, Italy and Spain. I have a passion for languages and everything foreign, and that’s why I love my job. I believe learning should be fun, and here at Britannia we have a fun and friendly environment that will give you the best opportunity to learn and improve your English.



Miriam 2

Hello, my name is Miriam. I have studied Translation and Interpretation at the University of Granada, Spain. After 4 years I moved to Germany to finish my Degree in German Translation. I spent 2 years at the University of Regensburg and at the University of Magdeburg, respectively. During my years In Germany I reached the C1 in German according to the CEFR. Afterwards, I went back to Spain and I did a Mater’s Degree in Teaching for Foreigners. When I completed my master’s degree I carried out an Internship at the University of Pavia, Italy, as Spanish Teacher. I achieved the C2 in Italian according to the CEFR. After my experience as a Teacher, I kept Teaching in Madrid and working as an Office Manager at the same time. In September 2016 I moved into Manchester and I was trained as a Sworn Translation by the Manchester City Council and I have been working with then ever since.



Hello my name is Chloe, I have bachelor HONS in Marketing and commercial strategy specialised in Fashion and luxury. During my studies I have focused on commercial strategy, marketing concepts, merchandising and social media management. I have also improved my knowledge of English, German and Italian. Lastly, my education has allowed me to enrol in various internships such as a PR assistant for Vivienne Westwood and Assistant Curator at the Museum of Antwerp, in Belgium.



Hello, I am Vivian and I am from Sao Paulo (Brazil). I graduated in Journalism and in Portuguese/Spanish Languages & Literature. I worked as a reporter for a few years, covering from Science to Politics, but my favourite subject was always International Education! That is why, after a period living and studying in London, I started to work in an international school in my hometown, where I met students from all over the world. I have been living in Manchester since 2018 and I love this city: people are lovely, museums are great and there is always something interesting going on. The best part about working in Britannia is to know students and colleagues from different countries and learn about different cultures everyday.



Hello, I’m Mei. I have a BA in Japanese studies and International Communication in English. I have taught English to adults and kids in Japan for the past 5 years, but am now happy to be working at reception at Britannia. I think Manchester is a great city. It’s very multi-cultural and up-and-coming – London better watch out! I enjoy working at Britannia, because I get to meet many different kinds of people everyday. I have recently taken particular interested in learning the Arab language.



Hi, My name is Kasia, I graduated from The University of Manchester in Educational Psychology. I have been working in international education for many years now and I really enjoy it. Joining Britannia in 2017 was a great decision as I find my job very rewarding. I speak English, Polish and Spanish. My responsibilities include liaising with agencies from all over the world. I also hold level 2 qualification in Safeguarding. For any issues regarding Welfare as well as Admissions or Partnerships you can get in touch with me!



My name is Ying, I graduated from University of Manchester in 2013 and since then I have worked and lived in Manchester and London. I have been running an online shop for 2 years with a big number of regular customers and positive feedback from my clients. In 2016 I have decided to make a bit of change to my life, then I started a career consultancy job in London for International students. I love the city and the people there. You will never get bored in London and the people there are open-minded, and every day is different. In 2017, I found my current job is posted online, and I applied for it. The education sector is always something that I wanted to do. Personally, I have been as an International student when I first came here 10 years ago, I know how important it is to start your life abroad with a good foundation of English language. How important it is to start your life in The UK with someone that can lead you in the right way to experience a whole different culture. I hope to see you soon at our school!



Hello! My name is Linda from Venezuela. In my country I got my degree in Marketing and Communications and then an M.A. in Political Communication. Then I worked in Digital Marketing where I learnt how to build an effective social media presence and take advantage of the strength of a brand. I moved to The UK in 2016. Being in this country has been one of the greatest experiences in my life where I met wonderful people. I really enjoy working at Britannia because you can feel a good synergy between the staff, teachers and students. Our mission is always to make our students happy while they are learning English.



Hello, I’m Anastasia. I graduated from the University of Essex with a degree in English Language and Literature. After teaching for a few months I’ve decided to do a masters in TESOL and then finally obtain a CELTA qualification. At Britannia Academy I’m in charge of the Accommodation Department but I still love to teach students from all over the world! The best thing about Britannia Academy is that it brings students from diverse backgrounds and different ages together!


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