Cambridge Key English Certificate (KET)

The Cambridge Key English Certificate (KET) is an A2 level exam which tests your ability to use English in simple situations. This exam is a good way to begin to prepare to do higher-level exams such as PET or FIRST. Passing KET proves that you have good knowledge of everyday English and are ready to study more difficult areas of the language.

This basic-level qualification is a great exam to take if you’re new to learning English

Group Size

Average 7 (Maximum 10)


 From 16 years old

Course Length

Minimum 1 week – No Maximum


From Beginner (A1)
This course can be combined with some other

Start date

Any Time – Continuous Enrolment. Class times depend on level


1 lesson is 50 minutes

In this course you will learn the low-level vocabulary and language structures for basic situations. Our preparation course needed for this exam involves learning the simple structures and everyday vocabulary that you will need in order pass this exam. There will be lots of opportunity to practise your exam technique and do some exam papers too.

Whichever exam you are preparing for, classes will help you develop your skills in all areas tested in the exam, including:





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