Hi. My name is Richard, and I am the Manager at Britannia English Academy. I have always loved education and the process of learning, and I really value the academic and personal enrichment it can bring to both teachers and students. Seeing students develop and improve is incredibly satisfying and is one of the perks of the job. Teaching in Manchester is exciting- a terrific and cosmopolitan city – both in terms of helping learners develop their skills in English and in terms of what I will learn from meeting students from a variety of countries and cultures. My love of languages influences one of my main hobbies outside of school, which is writing, and I write stories, screenplays and radio plays. I am also a huge film fan and I am a regular visitor to the cinema. Outside of the arts I am a keen sports fan and follow my football team, Everton, with great enthusiasm!

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After qualifying as a language teacher in 2003 I spent the next years working in Hungary, Poland, Italy and Japan. I then lived and taught in Exeter and London, while I did my language teaching diploma, which I finished this year. I am originally from Manchester and I love being back here as it is an exciting and multicultural city in which to live, work and study. I love language teaching as it is a great opportunity to meet people from all around the world. In my free time I love reading, watching films and walking.

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Hi, I’m Becky. I’m from Wrexham in North Wales but I’ve been living in Manchester for 4 years. I’ve previously worked in a science centre in Wales where I presented science shows and demonstrations. I’ve also worked in a Primary school in Bury. I’ve been working at Britannia since July and really enjoy meeting all the students from all around the world and seeing them progress during there time here.

Outside of work I enjoy rock climbing, both indoors and out, and I’m currently learning how to surf and rollerblade. I also enjoy music, going to gigs and music festivals.







Hello, I’m Gillian.  I am originally form the United States. I was born in New York and I was raised in both New York and Montana. I moved to Manchester in 2007 to complete two degrees in music composition and music research. I began teaching English over a year ago and I have been gaining enthusiasm and inspiration through the process of teaching. The most rewarding part of what I do is watching students gain confidence and succeed.


Hi, I’m Patrick. I’m originally from Birmingham, but moved to the North West recently. Over the years, I’ve taught English as a foreign language in a number of countries throughout Africa and Eurpoe. In my free time I play tennis, and a little guitar. I joined Britannia in 2015, and have really enjoyed mixing with people from so many different cultures.





Hi, I’m Laura and I’m from York . I studied English Literature at the University of Hull before moving into English teaching.  I spent two brilliant years teaching English in Thailand have spent over 5 years teaching in schools and colleges in the UK. I love teaching and helping students learn, at the same time meeting new people and learning about their culture. I have found teaching English in Manchester at Britannia is perfect for this due to the wide range of students from many different backgrounds.

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Hi, I’m Raabia. I’m originally from Manchester, and the reason I’m still here is because I love it. It’s a very multicultural city, with lots of things to do and see. My passion is to help others and to see them succeed, that is why I love teaching English. I also enjoy travelling and learning about other cultures.






Hi, I’m Harry. I grew up in Nottingham but relocated to Manchester in the summer. Since qualifying as a language teacher I have taught abroad in South Korea and Vietnam, as well as elsewhere in the UK. I have been fortunate enough to work with students of different ages and levels of ability, coming from very different backgrounds. One of the things I enjoy most about language teaching is the cultural exchange that takes place within the classroom, particularly in multilingual classes such as those which are taught at Britannia.


Hi , I’m Mike. I’m originally from a small town called Wigan but I have been living in Manchester for a year. I’ve been teaching English for almost two years and before that I was a Teaching Assistant in a high school. I love travelling and I am also a huge music fan and love going to festivals around the UK. Also, I like football and Rugby League. I joined Britannia in 2015 and I am really enjoying the wide mix of students I am teaching at the moment.