Holiday Vocabulary – A2 English Level

Holiday vocabulary

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Modal Verbs – B1 English Level

Modal verbs

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Quantities – A2 Level


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Family – A2 Level


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English Prepositions – FCE Level

English Prepositions

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Past Simple and Present Perfect – B1 Level

Past simple and present perfect

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Conditionals – FCE Level


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Body Idioms – FCE Level

Body idioms

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Past simple, past continuous and past perfect – B1 Level

Past simple, past continuous and past perfect

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Vocabulary: Clothing – A2 Level

Vocabulary: clothing

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Proverbs – FCE Level


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Phrasal Verbs – B1 Level

Phrasal verbs

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Telling the time – A2 Level

Telling the time

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Verb Formations – FCE Level

Choose the correct form in brackets (sometimes more than one answer is possible).

Verb Formations

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State Verbs – B1 Level

Put the verb into the correct form. Use either the present simple or the present continuous to complete the sentences.

State verbs

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English Prepositions – A2 Level

Try to choose the correct preposition for each gap.

English prepositions

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Nadia, our Britannia evening receptionist

20150513_154801Nadia came to Manchester from Peru via Spain. She left her country in 2003 but didn’t arrive in Manchester until 2011. After finishing her studies at University she became part of our team at Britannia English Academy. Nowadays she is our evening receptionist. Let’s let herself tell us what it’s like to be a receptionist at Britannia.

Where are you from?

I am from Lima, the capital city of Peru. I moved to Spain in 2003 and lived there before moving to Manchester 4 years ago.… Read the rest

Helena, an italian girl in Manchester.

10940590_870558379663418_7143780782732928650_nAt the end of 2011 she moved from a small village close to Milan, in the north of Italy, to Manchester. Her first idea was to stay just for a year. Now Manchester and Britannia English Academy are part of her life. She found a new family in the school where she arrived two years ago. Since then she has been managing the accommodation for our students. Would you like to know more about her life as a receptionist in an English School?… Read the rest

Sandra, reception mananger at Britannia English Academy

Sandra reception Britannia ManchesterSandra is the image of Britannia. She is the first person you meet when you arrive at our English academy in Manchester. She is always smiling and giving you a warm welcome. She moved three years ago from a small city in Spain close to the Mediterranean Sea. Since then she has been living in Manchester, the place where she met her new family. Would you like to know a bit more about Sandra, our Reception Manager? Check out her interview.… Read the rest

Andy Hunter: teacher by day, DJ by night

teacher english manchesterAndy Hunter is one of the first teachers who came to work at Britannia English Academy in Manchester. He is a great teacher during the day and a good DJ at night. That is why Andy is the one who could introduce you to the best of Manchester’s Nightlife and at the same time teach you English in his classes. We are going to learn more about his life but before reading his interview, let’s visit his Souncloud page and put some of his music on.… Read the rest

Gary Sangster, Assistant Academy Manager

Gary Sangster, Assistant Academy Manager

Gary Sangster is the Assistant Academy Manager at Britannia English Academy in Manchester. He will show us what life is like as an English teacher in our academy. Gary will answer our questions to tell us more about our teachers’ lives in Manchester. We want to know about his life as an English teacher, his routine, hobbies, interests and recommendations about fun things to do in Manchester and one secret we have in our English school in Manchester. Will it be possible to to find all this out?… Read the rest

Football Shirt Friday at Britannia English Academy

Are you proud about your football team? Would you like to wear your football team colours in our English School? Well, you can, this coming Friday, the 17th.

On 17th April 2015, #FootballShirtFriday will be organised by the Bobby Moore Fund in order to keep fighting against cancer. As one of their campaigns to raise funds they want to spread the word and invite you to wear your football shirt for a day. No matter which team you support, no matter if you wear your club or your national football shirt, our only opponent on 17th April will be cancer.… Read the rest

Patrick Widdall, Teacher and our Football Manager

Patrick Widdall, Teacher and our Football Manager

Patrick Widdall, another of Brittania’s teacher, is answering our questions today. After some years living abroad and teaching English in China he moved back to Manchester a few years ago. Since coming to Britannia English Academy he has been organising the school’s 5-a-side football team. His brilliant job as a football manager give our students the opportunity to have fun once a week playing football. Patrick also is managing our Saturady night social events.

Feel free to contact Patrick if you are interested in playing football with us or attend one of our Saturday Night social events.… Read the rest

About IELTS exam

About IELTS exam


The Listening Test is the first thing you have to do when you take an IELTS exam. If your exam is at the Manchester test centre, you should arrive at 9.15am. You will be taken to an exam room and your ID documents will be checked. The Listening Test starts at 10.00am.

The Listening Test has 4 sections. Each section contains 10 questions, so there are 40 questions in total. The test lasts about 30 minutes, then you have an extra 10 minutes to write your answers on an answer sheet.… Read the rest